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Support Anti-terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies Act of 2002
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As we approach the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks it is important to re-affirm the foundational principles of the SAFETY Act and its role in providing critical incentives for the development and deployment of effective anti-terrorism offerings. The DHS Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) is committed to providing liability protections to sellers of qualified anti-terrorism technologies in support of the overall DHS mission to safeguard the American people.

In recent months applicants may have experienced delays in the processing of their submissions. In addition to the continued limitations imposed by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Office of SAFETY Act Implementation (OSAI) is reviewing its current processes and procedures to ensure the most effective execution of the program. As a result, OSAI will be better positioned to support providers of innovative and effective anti-terrorism offerings that reduce risk to the Nation.

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Lucas Oil Stadium

November 24, 2020 - Capital Improvement Board of Managers of Marion County, Indiana Company provides The Lucas Oil Stadium Safety and Security Program (the “Technology”). The Technology is security program that provides comprehensive security coverage comprising physical and electronic security equipment, tools, emergency planning process and procedures, and trained personnel for the Lucas Oil Stadium, a multi-purpose stadium that hosts National Football League games and other major sporting and entertainment events. This Developmental Testing and Evaluation Designation will expire on March 31, 2023.

Aviation Security Management, LLC

October 26, 2020 - Aviation Security Management, LLC, a Virginia limited liability company provides Screening Partnership Program Services at airports and other locations as the Transportation Security Administration (“TSA”) determines if they are in compliance with standard operating procedures, directives, policies, and updates that the TSA Screening Partnership Program issues and are in compliance with the TSA issued contractual Statement of Work. This Designation will expire on November 30, 2025.

Leidos, Inc.

October 20, 2020 - Leidos, Inc., provides Integrated Logistics Support (“ILS”) Services for Passenger Screening Program/Airport Checkpoint Security Equipment to the Transportation Security Administration (“TSA”). ILS Services consists of maintenance and technical services that ensure TSA screening equipment installed throughout the United States, including: advanced imaging systems, explosive trace detectors, cabinet X-ray systems, and enhanced metal detectors; function properly and are available to detect threat items This Designation will expire on October 31, 2025.

American Petroleum Institute

October 01, 2020 - The American Petroleum Institute (“API) provides the Security Risk Assessment Methodology for the Petroleum and Petrochemical Industries in its publication, ANSI/API Standard 780-2003, Security Risk Assessment Methodology for the Petroleum and Petrochemical Industries. The Technology assists the petroleum and petrochemical industries in understanding and conducting security risk assessments by describing a recommended approach for assessing security risk applicable to the types of facilities operated by the industries and the security issues the industries face. The methodology described in the Standard is widely applicable to a full spectrum of security issues including terrorist attacks on assets containing hazardous materials such as chemical, refining, and petrochemical manufacturing operations, pipelines, and transportation operations including truck, marine, and rail. This Designation and Certification will expire on September 30, 2025.

Lufthansa Cargo

October 01, 2020 - Lufthansa Cargo AG provides Lufthansa Screening and Security Services. The Technology is cargo screening services under the Transportation Security Administration (“TSA”) programs within the United States and its territories. The Technology also includes training and quality control audits for the TSA cargo screening regulations. This Designation will expire on September 30, 2025.

Landmark Event Staffing Services, Inc.

September 29, 2020 - Landmark Event Staffing Services, Inc., provides Security and Event Services, which includes event security, crowd management, and guest services, at sporting, entertainment, convention, and special event venues throughout the country. The Technology also covers the hiring and background check processes, training, oversight and event operations. This Designation will expire on September 30, 2025.

Securitas Security Services USA

September 29, 2020 - Securitas AB; Securitas Holdings, Inc.; Securitas Services, Inc. (D/B/A Securitas Inc.); Securitas Security Services USA, Inc.; Securitas Security Services Of Puerto Rico, Inc.; Securitas Security Services Guam, Inc.; Burns International Security Services Company, LLC; and, Burns International Services Company, LLC provides Security Guard Services. The Technology is a suite of security services that includes: Armed and unarmed security officers; security assessments; access control devices and closed-circuit television systems; screening of individuals and their belongings; emergency medical response; operation of security console equipment; and, dispatch of response personnel to alarms. The Technology also includes internal audit and review; hiring vetting, and training of personnel; and quality control and oversight. This Designation will expire on September 30, 2025.

Experior Group, Inc.

September 09, 2020 - Experior Group, Inc. provides Red Ball Drills. The Technology is a consultation service that assesses the effectiveness of customers' safety and security programs by combining a document review, site visit, and role-playing exercises to inform the recommendations it passes to customers. The Technology is conducted with a methodology that avoids traumatizing participants through the use of a red ball instead of fake weapons. The Technology also includes the vetting of personnel provisioning the Technology and deliverables produced as part of the assessments of customer security programs. This Developmental Testing and Evaluation Designation will expire on February 28, 2022.

National Basketball Association

August 31, 2020 - The National Basketball Association (“NBA” provides the NBA Arena Security Standards, NBA Security Audits, and NBA Security Training and Awareness Programs (the “Technology”). The Technology is a comprehensive set of mandatory security standards for team and arena management designed to deter and defend against terrorist attacks at venues where NBA games are played, in addition to other general security risks. The Technology is implemented through the NBA Security Audits and NBA Security Training and Awareness Programs, and includes the hiring, vetting, qualifications, and training of NBA security personnel in connection with the three components of the Technology. This Designation and Certification will expire on September 30, 2025.

Centerra Group, LLC

August 24, 2020 - Centerra Group, LLC (“Centerra”) and Constellis, LLC provide Force Protection Security Services (the “Technology”). The Technology is armed and unarmed guard services, specialized security forces, and fire protection and emergency response services for select government locations. This Designation will expire on August 31, 2025.

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